A Single Girl’s Take on The Big Unknown: Garage Talk

A flat tire a day, keeps my anxiety at bay.


A Tale Of Two Cousins

To Annika, Play-Doh and unbridled joy.

X-Men: When Boredom Strikes

So it’s been approximately one week since I got done with college and like all self-respecting architecture graduates, I decided to binge watch the X-men movies. I’m talking 6 movies, 24 hours (can I get a hurrah please!) Okay now I give you fair warning; I don’t really know enough about the series to pretend to be any…

Because you’re worth it

Five years in architecture school leaves you poorer, sleep deprived and questioning your purpose in life; among other things. What it also successfully manages to do, is obliterate any semblance of self-respect you might have initially started off with. I wish I was kidding when I say that architecture school is the Muggle equivalent of…

“Turn to page 394.”

This week has been the absolute worst, what with the passing of David Bowie. And now Alan Rickman too?  If I was going to channel all this grief into something productive I figured I owe these two great stalwarts a blog post at least. David Bowie- The sole reason behind my transition into adulthood. I…