X-Men: When Boredom Strikes

So it’s been approximately one week since I got done with college and like all self-respecting architecture graduates, I decided to binge watch the X-men movies. I’m talking 6 movies, 24 hours (can I get a hurrah please!)

Okay now I give you fair warning; I don’t really know enough about the series to pretend to be any authority over it and while I have watched each movie at least thrice individually, the first few viewings can be written off since I spent 90% of the time drooling over James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.



Having admitted to something like that, attempting to review the movies would be a colossal waste of your time (it’d be something along the lines of heart eye emojis for every time Magneto appears on screen with a few interjections here and there about the plot and pacing, followed by more emojis) But like all millennials, I have very many things to say. So pairing our generation’s limited attention span along with my opinion that a listicle makes everything more fun to read, I present to you a list of my favourite moments from every X-men movie.

DISCLAIMER: Be warned. Lots of spoilers ahead!


X: Men

The first of the entire series and definitely a very good opener. I liked how X-Men was probably one of the few comic book movies in its time to consciously take itself seriously, opting for a darker overall theme instead of the usual gimmicks I’m looking at you, Keaton Batman. My only beef with this movie is the casting of Rogue. No disrespect to Anna Paquin but her Rogue was just a whining little teenager whose biggest issue in life was that being mutant prevented her from kissing her boyfriend without killing him. (*cue eye roll*)

While the first X-Men was epic in every measure, my choice for the best moment of this film will most probably take you by surprise. If you share my appreciation for B-grade humour you’ve probably already figured out what I’m referencing, but for you other mortals who do not enjoy the same brand of humour I do- this particularly iconic scene is sure to stand the test of time, mostly because it’s so good how bad this will always be.


You’ve got this epic scene followed by,

“Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.”



How good was X2! In my humble opinion, this movie was the best of the original trilogy, if not the entire franchise. (I’m a little biased on account of my obsession with the McBender portrayal of the Xavier- Eric relationship) My favourite sequence from this movie has to be that opening act with Night Crawler’s rampage though the White House- easily one of the most explosive opening sequences to grace superhero movie history!


In close second, comes this bit where Magneto escapes his plastic prison. “Too much iron in your blood!”


Ian McKellen, y u so cute.

Special mention to William Stryker for being such a sophisticated villain. I think the whole evil ante is significantly assisted by the fact that he’s responsible for making Wolverine what he is today. Man, this guy was just SO BAD.

X-Men: The last Stand 

Okay any movie which kills off Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops – CYCLOPS- within the first half hour has all the makings of a train wreck. NO I AM STILL NOT OKAY. This movie had me feeling too many things. First Jean comes back to life, then Cyclops dies, then Jean’s acting like she’s been possessed what with her beady possessed eyes and all. And then. She goes and shatters Professor X. Yes you read that right. SHE SHATTERED HIM TO DEATH. Are we on the same page now?

This movie was just all over the place, but not for lack of trying. I mean, they definitely had two very good storylines- the mutant who could cure the mutant gene and the Jean- Grey/ Phoenix phenomenon. But attempting to pack all this in one movie was a pretty amateur move culminating in a half assed movie where just about everyone dies. (Already warned you about the spoilers) Okay now getting back to the best bits of this movie, as much as I hated the movie for doing this, one of the most visually stunning scenes was the death of Charles Xavier- also our first proper introduction to the extent of what Phoenix was capable of.


Special mention to the sequence with Juggernaut chasing Kitty through Alcatraz.


Ellen Paige is just the cutest mutant. Oh oh and also. Did you know that McSteamy was a mutant before his Grey’s Anatomy stint! Who’d have thunk.

X-Men: First Class

Everything about this movie screams perfection!! Tad bit of an exaggeration there but First Class was a really really good attempt at rebooting the franchise. And with such an excellent cast –Jennifer Lawrence aside; love her shirt, hate her- you can do no wrong.

One of the main reasons I tend to prefer the newer movies over the original trilogy is that they give you a little back story about the main characters- seeing the blossoming of the love-hate relationship between Charles and Eric reduced me to a puddle of goo-goo eyes. (I apologise for my shameless obsession with the two male leads, okay no I don’t.) My favourite bit from this movie, Magneto’s shifting into his many accents aside, was definitely the bit where Charles helps the other mutants hone their abilities. While many may argue that the bit where Xavier helps Magneto attain the required balance between rage and serenity to fully unlock his capabilities might have come off a tad bit too Bollywood-esque, to them I must ask- Have you no heart!


Consolation prize to the sequence where Eric and Charles go about finding other mutants and then there’s Wolverine with this,


Always a badass, this one.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Okay first things first, apparently there’s an extended version of this film called the ‘Rogue Cut’ that is believed to be far superior to the theatrical version. So if for some reason, this post has persuaded you to start watching the series, I recommend watching the extended version.

Days of Future Past has to be my favourite movie of the entire franchise. It very stylishly and rather successfully manages to achieve a nice balance between the original trilogy and the more recent movies- basically giving you the best of both worlds. Let us also take a second to fully appreciate the direction- Singer does such a marvelous job at fabricating this all-round immersive experience. The last ten minutes had me gripping the edges of my seat; I kid you not!

Now for a movie in which past meets present meets future meet past (yes, that hurt my brain too), the best sequence of this movie is undoubtedly when Charles meets his future self. Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy. In one frame. Asking me to hope again. *insert bursting into tears emoji* My fragile heart can only take so much!


For a movie like DOFP, choosing just one sequence for a special mention is turning out to be exponentially more difficult than I imagined. The entire movie required three viewings to fully comprehend what was happening and it honestly got better everytime I saw it. So I’m going to leave you four clippings as a bonus for having put up with me this long (alsofavourite movie and all), which still do no justice to the entire movie, with the belief that it should be enough to convince you to watch this movie, if not the entire series.

Also, Tyrion Lannister is the bad guy. Do you NEED any more convincing?

X-Men: Apocalypse

Okay full disclosure, one particularly iconic scene i.e. The one where Apocalypse is made will not be taken into consideration because I ended up missing the first fifteen minutes of the film on account of me landing up at the wrong theatre (yes I am THAT person). My tardiness aside, I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t come close to the one that made the list. Now just to give you my mini review –  I LOVED this movie and I do not get the hate. Sure it had its flaws and while I will accede to the fact that the franchise seems to be overdoing this whole idea of  the ‘us vs. them’ theme a little too often, it was a fun film nevertheless.

Okay if you’ve watched the movie, you know there are two standout sequences- one featuring Quicksilver and one featuring the Phoenix. As biased as I am to this whole GoT/X-Men crossover, there really isn’t much of a competition. I’m talking the sweet bit of CGI magic that is Quicksilver saving the students before the mansion blows up.


How insanely cool was this entire bit! It took every ounce of my willpower to not stand up and clap at the end of it. (In retrospect, why on earth did I not?)

Also did anyone notice this throwback to the first X-Men!

Magento: “Does it ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day, they’ll come for you? And your children?”

Charles Xavier: “I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to my school looking for trouble.”

Still haven’t quite wrapped my head around the whole time-bending thing. *scratches head*



To wrap up this post, I leave you a video of Professor X, Magneto and Wolverine dancing to Blurred Lines because, well, why the hell not.


*cannot stop staring*

Now excuse me while I engage in some gene therapy. Also, may the force be with you?


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