With New Year’s just around the corner, it’s fairly normal to reflect on the past one year and wonder where all that time went. (And I’ll grab every opportunity I can to put off studying for my exam on the 26th. The devil himself must have decided the schedule. Who else would want me studying Christmas?! Sigh..) Anyway, I am happy to declare that, contrary to popular opinion, 2015 has been great! I’ve managed to make a home out of two cities in one year, and that, in my mind is a huge step forward in this chapter I like to call ‘adulting’. I’ve never really been one for setting resolutions with every new year. Having said that, 2015 was definitely a year for a lot of firsts. Granted, I didn’t do anything extraordinary, per se; but I like to believe that the little things count just as much as the grand moments. I think the best part of 2015 is that I’m walking into the new year with absolutely no regrets and an easy head on my shoulders. (When you’re in your early twenties, being able to declare that you’re happy is, in my opinion, a huge victory.)

The one thing I’m disappointed about, however, is that I didn’t make time to write and this blog of mine has been as good as dead since its inception. So here’s one resolution I’m making this time (told you it was a year of firsts): BLOG MORE!

My apologies for the largely directionless rambling that is this post but.. you know, procrastination.Processed with VSCO with f2 presetAdding this image I took during one of my cycling trips. (Yes! I took up cycling this year!) So here’s to a biryani filled Christmas and a Happy new year!

P.S. An explanation for the title: Grumble+ Ramble = Gramble. I know, I surprise myself too.


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